Wheels & Tyres


Giving your vehicle the best in tyre safety, performance and lifespan

As the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, your tyres and wheels are pretty important!

There’s a lot more to tyre selection, installation and service than you might think, and it all adds up when safety, comfort, handling and lifespan come into it.

APC offers a full range of wheel and tyre services in conjunction with our friends at Bob Jane T Marts and other highly respected suppliers.

New Wheels & Tyres

APC provides a comprehensive range of tyres and wheels for all makes and models of vehicles, from small hatchbacks to 4WDs, light commercial vehicles and performance cars.

From inspecting your current wheels and tyres to fitting and fine-tuning your setup, APC does it all. We offer full satisfaction guarantees on all workmanship and products.

We also offer nitrogen inflation, which extends the life and performance of your new tyres.

For more information on our range of wheels and tyres, speak to one of our friendly staff!

Wheel Alignments

Aligning your wheels is an important factor in improving your vehicle’s handling, and in making sure you aren’t incorrectly wearing or stressing your tyres and suspension.

Small impacts such as bumping into curbs or going over potholes can alter your wheel alignment, which in turn leads to poor handling, uneven tyre wear, or other damage to your axles or suspension.

With every wheel and tyre service we offer at APC, we also conduct wheel alignments to ensure your car is set up for the best possible safety, performance and handling. We also offer this as a standalone service.

Tyre Rotation, Balancing and Puncture Repair

If you’ve noticed vibration in your seat or steering wheel when travelling at high speeds, your tyres could be unbalanced. This means your wheel and tyre weight is not evenly distributed, which leads to premature tyre wear and damage to your suspension, along with steering problems.

APC offers a full tyre rotation and balancing service using state-of-the-art computer measurement and adjustment systems. This service will ensure your car is travelling straight and true, and that you aren’t compromising your safety or vehicle performance.

We also offer a tyre puncture repair service.

To book any wheel or tyre service or repair, call now on 07 5549 3355 or send us an email.