Engine & Mechanical

Fast, friendly and thorough service, fault-finding and repair

Is your vehicle making odd noises, overheating or flashing warning lights at you? Is it handling weirdly or over-revving?

Chances are there’s something wrong with the engine or drive train. It sounds like it’s time to bring it into APC!

Our expert technicians have decades of experience working on all makes and models of cars and light trucks – if there’s a problem, we’ll find it!

We’ll give you a full rundown on what the issue is, and we’ll let you know how much you should be looking at for a repair. We won’t do anything to it unless you’re 100% happy with the plan. Guaranteed.

Our Engine & Mechanical service, fault-finding and repairs include the following:

Engines & Engine Management

Whether you need a quick engine check-up or a total overhaul and rebuild, APC are here to help.

Our highly qualified team have the skills and knowhow to find problems, fix them, and squeeze as much efficiency and performance out of your engine.

We are also able to conduct dyno testing, electronic engine tuning and diagnostics to make sure your engine management computers are doing what they’re meant to.

Clutches & Transmissions

Our clutch and transmission services for manual and automatic transmissions include:

  • Custom, heavy duty and performance
  • Flywheel machining and replacement
  • Fluid upgrades and servicing
  • Transmission, gear box and differential service, repair and replacement

Radiators & Cooling Systems

If your radiators or cooling aren’t behaving as they should, your car could be overheating, which can lead to irreparable damage to your engine. Finding these kinds of problems early is very important!

Radiator and cooling system problems are usually pretty easy to notice (smoke and bad smells) so if your car has these symptoms, you should book it in for a service as soon as possible!

Our professional technicians will make sure your radiator and entire cooling system is operating correctly. We also offer upgrades for improved cooling and engine performance.

Exhausts & Mufflers

Your exhaust system controls your vehicle’s emissions, fuel efficiency and performance.

If you’ve noticed your engine sounding different or rattling, you could have some damage in your exhaust system. You should bring your car in for a quick check if you’re worried – if you leave an exhaust problem untreated, this can lead to even more damage, as well as greatly reduced fuel efficiency and increased emissions.

APC also specialises in fitting aftermarket exhausts and mufflers for added performance and fuel efficiency.

Not listed here? Just ask!

If you’re looking for a mechanical service not listed here, just give us a call on 07 5549 3355 to ask about it. There’s nothing we can’t do!

To book an engine or mechanical service, call now on 07 5549 3355 or send us an email.